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Camp Cards 2020 Sale Ending

Collecting and refunding unsold Camp Cards

Our lengthy Camp Card season will officially come to an end soon. As your Camp Card representative, I would like to give you notice that I will be collecting & refunding any unsold (and unbroken) Camp Cards from Troop 370 members on Friday, May 22d between 11:00 and 11:30 a.m. outside the St. James Activity Building. I am flexible on that time but don’t want to be going back and forth multiple times. So, once I know who will be turning in cards, we can work on a time frame that suits all. Were things business as usual, we would have the next two meetings in which to exchange cards and refunds but these are decidedly not normal times!😃

Between now and May 21st, please email me ( and tell me how many cards you will be turning in and if the timeframe I gave will work for you. If it doesn’t, please give an alternate time on the 22d that will work for you. If you need to submit your scout’s cards with another family because the 22d doesn’t work for you at all, that’s fine with me! I will be using the cash I have on hand from the sale to refund unsold cards. I’ll have the cash ready in envelopes marked for each scout and I will ensure that we will stay socially distanced upon the exchange! Please submit your unsold Camp Cards in an envelope with your scout’s name on it and the number of Camp Cards that the envelope contains.

Finally, a scout may certainly continue to sell Camp Cards beyond the closing date of the sale (preferably online & using social distancing measures for delivery.) However, a scout’s only opportunity for a refund of the unsold cards is following the procedure outlined herein. Any prizes owed to scouts for having sold a certain number of cards will be distributed in June after I receive them from the Atlanta Area Council. Thanks very much to all who have participated in this year’s sale!!